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Joker's Stash Ends Its Publishing Life

Joker's Stash, known as one of the largest carding platforms on the DarkWeb, announced that it will cease broadcasting as of February. It is a matter of curiosity why the forum, which has made its mark in recent years with shared stolen credit card information, ceased publication.

What is Carding?

The term carding, translated into our language as carding or scanning, refers to the copying and use of credit card information. Carding can be explained as using credit card information without the person's knowledge by hackers changing the software of POS devices, hacking e-commerce sites where credit card information is kept, or directly hacking the end user's system and leaking credit card information.

Pirates who obtain credit card information illegally sell this information on illegal platforms or use it directly for their own purchases.

What is Joker's Stash?

Joker's Stash, which is an illegal forum and focuses mostly on carding, is just one of thousands of platforms where credit card information is stolen and sold. Joker's Stash, which started broadcasting in October 2014, announced that it will end its broadcasting in February 2021.

Although it is not known exactly why the decision to close the carding forum, whose number of users increased significantly during the Covid-19 period, there are a few guesses on the subject. Despite the fact that the number of users has increased so much, the fact that the forum has ceased publication brings to mind that the forum administrators are worried about the possibility of being exposed. Who knows…

Although the number of users has increased, it does not go unnoticed that regular users of the platform make statements that the quality of the shared cards has decreased and that the shares have not received the necessary attention. It seems that the founders of the platform are no longer able to show the necessary attention.

Although the closure of Joker's Stash, one of the largest carding platforms, has led to thoughts of a slight decrease in cyber crimes, research shows that cyber crimes are increasing day by day in the digitalizing world. Even if Joker's Stash closes, thousands of platforms such as and still exist and seem to continue to exist.


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