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Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service

Evaluate your security vulnerabilities with regular scans before any vulnerabilities occur in your business's systems and networks, and always stay one step ahead of threats by closing your vulnerabilities.

What is Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service?

InfinitumIT Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service is a service that continuously scans an enterprise's systems and networks for security vulnerabilities and evaluates their vulnerabilities.

InfinitumIT Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service detects vulnerabilities for all machines and applications on the machines with regular network scans. As a result of vulnerability detections, detailed reports and improvement suggestions are provided to help your business improve its security posture.

The purpose of our continuous vulnerability analysis service is to detect and fix vulnerabilities before they are used by hackers. All these detection, analysis and evaluations help your business to be one step ahead of cyber threats, helping to proactively protect your system and data.

Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service Scope

Detect vulnerabilities in real time and act now to close vulnerabilities!

Vulnerability Analysis

InfinitumIT Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service; It allows you to timely identify potential vulnerabilities such as missing security patches, misconfigurations or weak passwords, and provides detailed reports on vulnerabilities, allowing you to prioritize vulnerabilities.

Network Scans

The InfinitumIT Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service performs network scans to identify vulnerabilities in devices connected to a network. Identifies all open ports, services, and protocols running on the target device, and compares them to known vulnerabilities.

Scan and Vulnerability Coverage

InfinitumIT Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service performs regular daily, weekly or monthly scans to ensure that all your systems and networks are checked for security vulnerabilities and ensures the detection of up-to-date vulnerabilities.

Real Time Alerts

When new vulnerabilities are discovered, the InfinitumIT Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service identifies and prioritizes them in real time. Real-time alerts enable businesses to proactively address potential security risks and improve the overall security posture.


Vulnerability detection prioritization provided by the InfinitumIT Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service allows you to prioritize vulnerabilities that are more critical and need to be fixed immediately. This allows businesses to quickly identify and address their most critical vulnerabilities and minimize the risk of attacks.

Advanced Reporting

The InfinitumIT Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service provides detailed information on the risk level and potential impact of each vulnerability. Advanced reporting provides information for your business' current security posture, including where vulnerabilities are most common and which systems and devices are most at risk.

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Why InfinitumIT Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service?

InfinitumIT Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service is a service that continuously scans an enterprise's systems and networks for security vulnerabilities and evaluates their vulnerabilities.

Advanced Scanning Tools

Perform port scans, penetration testing, and vulnerability scans with advanced scanning tools that enable more comprehensive vulnerability detection and assessment.


Provide detailed and customizable reports to analyze and monitor your business's security posture and create improvement steps as a result of meetings on the report.


Automate the entire vulnerability management process, from discovery and assessment to reporting and remediation. Allow your business to identify and address vulnerabilities more efficiently.


Integrate incident management (SIEM) systems, vulnerability management tools, and incident response platforms in your ecosystem with other security tools to provide a more comprehensive security posture.

Who Can Get This Service?

Medium and large enterprises & SMEs

E-commerce sites and software development companies

Businesses that do not have employees experienced in cybersecurity

Businesses subject to regulatory compliance requirements, such as the financial sector

Why Should You Get Continuous Vulnerability Scanning Service?

Be Prepared for Cyber Threats

Instead of waiting for a vulnerability to occur, it proactively identifies and addresses security vulnerabilities in your business's systems and networks. This helps your business minimize cyber threat risks and improve their overall security posture.

Provide Integrated Security

By providing a more comprehensive view of the vulnerabilities that may occur in your business, InfinitumIT enables you to manage vulnerabilities more effectively, enabling automated workflows that can be used to improve incident response time and overall security efficiency.

Detect and Close Vulnerabilities Instantly

By providing real-time alerts when new vulnerabilities are detected, InfinitumIT identifies and instantly detects vulnerabilities that may be missed with basic network scans.

Our Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Tools


ThreatBlade is a breach and attack simulation platform that allows enterprises to test their security defenses againts real-world attack scenarios.


ThreatMon's mission is to provide businesses with a comprehensive cybersecurity solution designed by experienced professionals to protect their digital assets from external threats.



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How long is the vulnerability analysis service period?

Vulnerability analysis service time may vary depending on the business or industry. Some businesses perform vulnerability analysis service on a monthly or quarterly basis, while others may do so on an annual basis. Additionally, some businesses may perform a vulnerability analysis whenever new software or hardware is installed or changes are made to their network infrastructure.

Why is vulnerability analysis important?

Vulnerability analysis is important as it helps businesses identify and address potential security risks before they are exploited by hackers. By identifying vulnerabilities, businesses can secure their systems and take steps to protect their sensitive data.

What are the steps involved in vulnerability analysis?

The steps involved in vulnerability analysis include:

  • Identifying assets and systems to be analyzed
  • Gathering information about the system and its configurations
  • Identifying vulnerabilities through scanning and testing
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities based on their potential impact
  • Developing a plan to address vulnerabilities

What tools are used for vulnerability analysis?

Various tools are available for vulnerability analysis, including:

Vulnerability scanners: These tools automatically scan systems and networks for known vulnerabilities.
Penetration testing tools: These tools are used to simulate attacks and identify vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.
Compatibility tools: These tools are used to ensure systems and networks meet regulatory requirements and industry standards.

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