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Your Business's Weaknesses
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Without any weakness in your business's systems and networks
first assess your vulnerabilities with regular scans and
Always be one step ahead of threats by closing your vulnerabilities.

InfinitumIT Cyber Security Consulting

InfinitumIT was established in 2017 with the aim of offering consultancy, service, and support in the areas of Information Security and Cyber Security. Operating with the "Trusted Advisor" philosophy and conducting its activities entirely independent of products, it continues to provide the most accurate and realistic solutions to the needs and challenges of its clients. With its team of experts who have over 15 years of industry experience and high motivation, InfinitumIT goes beyond the conventional security approaches. With an innovative perspective, it brings a new dimension to your company's security, presenting the most appropriate solutions tailored to your needs.Trusted Advisor.


Cyber Security Solutions and Services

All the services you need to keep your business safe, prepare for and respond to cyber attacks

Continuous Cyber Security Consulting

With Continuous Cybersecurity Consultancy, provide a proactive approach to your business in identifying security vulnerabilities and cyber threats, and minimize the risk of cyber attacks.

Continuous Vulnerability Analysis Service

Identify your vulnerabilities in a timely manner, reduce the risk of cyber attacks and improve the overall security posture of your business with InfinitumIT Regular Vulnerability Scanning and Management.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Service

Detect cyber threats in real time with Managed Detection and Response (MDR) and provide your business with a comprehensive and effective solution to respond to these threats.

SOC (Security Operations Center) Service

If you don't have the resources to manage security operations in-house, provide your business with comprehensive and proactive monitoring, detection and response capabilities with Managed SOC Service.

Why InfinitumIT Cyber Security Services?

We transfer our information security experience and expertise that we have gained for many years to keep your business safe at all times.

Services Suitable for Your Information Security Needs

It determines your necessary business processes against cyber attacks that have occurred or may occur in the future, by evaluating them in 3 stages "Before the Attack, At the Time of the Attack and After the Attack". With its Cyber Incident Intervention and Forensic Information services, it ensures that your systems are completely free of hackers and allows the necessary support to be provided to its customers at the point of collecting all the necessary evidence for the forensic dimension of the incidents. In order to prevent similar incidents after an attack, it establishes a Security Operations Center (SOC) in your institution upon your request and keeps your systems resistant to continuous attacks with the SIEM consultancy service it provides periodically. 

Our Industry Independent Cyber Security Solutions

No matter how high the security level of your systems and how strong the infrastructure you use; If a data leak of your business occurs on different platforms, you are at risk of a potential attack.


Cyber Threat Intelligence Service developed by InfinitumIT teams; It ensures that you are always aware of any data breach detected by constantly monitoring any data that may belong to your institution or your employees on the normal/deep/dark web, thus allowing you to take precautions before the cyber attack occurs.

Contact our cyber security engineers immediately and let us create the fastest action plan for you.

Are You Under Cyber Attack or Threat?

Our Cyber Security Software Technologies


ThreatBlade is a breach and attack simulation platform that allows enterprises to test their security defenses againts real-world attack scenarios.

Our Latest Published Report

"Flame Tools Android RAT CTI Report"

Download our “Flame Tools Android RAT CTI” report prepared by our cyber security experts for free now.

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What Are Known Cloud Attacks?

Cross-Site Request Forgery: CSRF is an attack designed to persuade the victim to submit a request to perform some task as a user, which is harmful in nature. Side Channel Attacks: This type of attack is cloud-native and potentially devastating, but requires a great deal of skill and luck. This form of attack attempts to violate the victim's privacy by indirectly exploiting the fact that they are using shared resources in the cloud. Signature Wrapping Attacks: This is another type of attack, not specific to the cloud environment, but a dangerous method for the security of a web application. Basically, the signature wrapping attack relies on the use of a technique used in web services. Other Attacks: Hijacking using network sniffing Session hijacking using XSS attacks Domain Name System (DNS) attacks SQL injection attacks Cryptanalysis attacks Denial of service (DoS) and Distributed DoS attacks.

Why Should I Have a Cloud Penetration Test?

It is of great importance for your system security that the security vulnerabilities in your systems are checked by cyber security companies, their strengths and weaknesses are reported and presented to your information. But the security of your company depends on the security of your Cloud-based infrastructure as much as your systems. Our cloud penetration testing service will help you determine how secure your cloud assets really are.

What Does the Security Operations Center (SOC) Provide Me?

5 key things your SOC will do: Proactive detection of malicious network and system activity. Instead of waiting an average of 206 days for their companies to detect a violation, you want to be notified as soon as possible to minimize the impact of the violation. Being able to reconfigure the defense configuration before the threat hits you with Threat Awareness See what could be compromised against new threats in your network thanks to Vulnerability Management Awareness of hardware and software assets running in your network; be aware of what kind of threats you are exposed to your assets Having the ability to complete forensics to you and any authority if you are exposed to a security incident or unauthorized access through Log Management These are the main functions you want in your SOC such as compliance monitoring and others. There is no question that they are all critical functions to ensure your company is protected.

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