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With ThreatBlade's Free MDR Healthcheck, it's now up to you to set the limits of your own security shield. Welcome to this unique service that we offer to understand exactly how deep protection your SOC or MDR service provides, and to determine how you can get the most out of it. Test results show how prepared your security service is against real-world threats. With a customized report, you can clarify the performance of your service and the limits of your security measures, and effectively direct your investments.

ThreatBlade performs real-time malware simulations on your inventory with its experienced experts and innovative technology. The free MDR Healthcheck is like a stress test to measure how strong your shield is against threats you may encounter in the field. Our test results show how much of your security service is alert to real-world threats. This valuable information helps you refine your security strategies and protocols. 


As InfinitumIT, we offer you a customized report at the end of MDR Healthcheck. This report will evaluate the performance, effectiveness and maturity level of the SOC or MDR service you have provided. The report provides detailed information on deficiencies, improvements and potential threats. As a result, you can clarify the limits of your security measures and direct your security investments in the most effective way. Please fill out the form to make an appointment.

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