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Our Achievements

Infinitum IT was established in Istanbul in 2017 and has been operating as a new entity in the field of information technology security consultancy since January 2018. We are proud to be an innovative company that offers our customers the high-quality standard services they deserve, such as Penetration Tests, Information Security and Cyber Security Consultancy Services, SIEM&Log Management, Technology Security, KVKK Consultancy. Our company's mission is to provide the best service and a real benefit to our customers. We aim to build stronger relationships with our current and future customers.

InfinitumIT Foundation


Infinitum IT was established in 2017 by Gökhan Yüceler to provide consultancy, service and support services in the fields of Cyber Security and Information Security. It continues to serve its customers within the framework of Penetration Tests, Social Engineering Tests, Forensic Informatics, Technology Security and many consultancy services. Infinitum IT managers and employees are taking firm steps towards becoming the most reliable technology provider with effective solutions in Turkey and the world market by combining their long years of corporate and consultancy experience in the fields of Cyber Security and Information Security with a service understanding focused on customer satisfaction and aiming for perfection.

The Beginning of International Success


With our vulnerability notifications; As a Turkish company that has been included in the honor list of dozens of prestigious institutions and organizations such as The Pentagon, CloudFlare and IBM, we are proud to represent our country in the International Cyber Security Community.

Deployment of New Solutions


As a result of our long years of experience in the Cyber Security and Information Security sectors, we are aware that we need to go beyond conventional methods in order to provide the most suitable solutions for the needs of our customers; We share the happiness of maintaining our innovative and customer satisfaction-oriented service approach by producing 3S, 3M and 3W solutions.


InfinitumIT Gives You the Freedom to Focus on Your Business

While you focus on your business, we are here to give you the freedom to think about your own business with the solutions and services we have given you in the field of information security.