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Red Teaming Service

Test what your people and technology in your business can do in the face of a real attack!

What is Red Teaming Service?

Red Teaming is the best way to test your organization's ability to react to a real cyber attack. Red Team Assessment evaluates your organization's resilience at every stage of the attack lifecycle by simulating a safe but realistic attack using tactics used by real attackers. 


This service increases your situational awareness and enables your security improvements by testing your security techniques, processes and people, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your security strategy. It is tailored to the specific needs of your organization and prepares you for ever-evolving cyber threats. 


It differs from penetration testing services because it allows you to be prepared for a real attack by testing how your organization's security will be affected in real-world conditions.

Red Teaming Service Scope

Experience all phases of a cyber attack with real-life simulations! 

Data collection

Red Team uses open source intelligence (OSINT) and other tools to gather as much information as possible about the target organization. At this stage, information is collected about the organization's systems, network structure, personnel, policies and security measures.

Goal Setting

Red Team determines the systems and attack scenarios that the organization will target. These scenarios are designed similar to real-world attacks and are used to test the organization's defensive measures.

Attack Planning

Red Team creates a strategic plan for attacks against determined targets. This comprehensive plan details the various attack vectors, methods of accessing targets, attack steps and advanced techniques to be used.

Attack Execution

It performs attacks according to the determined plan. At this stage, social engineering, network vulnerabilities, malwares and other attack techniques can be used. Red Team tries to circumvent the organization's defensive measures and tries to reach targets without being detected.

Results Evaluation

Red Team evaluates attack results, reviews vulnerabilities, accessible targets, successful attacks and response processes. The results are presented in the form of recommendations and reports to improve security measures.

Reporting and Recommendations

A detailed report is generated at the end of the Red Teaming process. The report includes attack details, vulnerabilities, success rates and potential risks. In addition, recommendations are made to strengthen defense measures. 

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Why InfinitumIT Red Teaming Service?

Our Red Team service will cover all aspects of incident response, giving you a complete solution to protect your business from cyber attacks.


InfinitumIT has a team specialized in red teaming services. They develop effective solutions against complex and advanced attack techniques that threaten the security of their customers.

Customized Services

InfinitumIT offers customized red teaming solutions tailored to its customers' needs. This means arranging services to meet the specific needs of their customers.

Comprehensive Tests

InfinitumIT performs extensive testing to test the effectiveness of its customers' security measures. This ensures that their customers are prepared for all possible security risks.

Reliable Reporting

InfinitumIT reports the results of red teaming tests in detail. These reports help customers identify weak spots and fix them.

Who Can Get This Service?

Small Medium and Large Businesses

Financial Institutions

Institutions and institutions that have open systems to the outside world

Companies subject to various regulations (ISO 27001, HIPPA, PSI/DSS etc.)

Institutions and organizations that exchange data with external institutions

Why Should You Get Red Teaming Service?

Detect Vulnerabilities

Red Teaming is a method used to evaluate whether the security defenses of enterprises are sufficient and to measure how much they can resist in a possible attack scenario. By strengthening your organization's information security defenses, you can detect and fix security vulnerabilities in software and infrastructure systems. It also helps you identify exploitable vulnerabilities and misconfigurations across production applications, systems, or your entire infrastructure.

Evaluate Possible Impact of Vulnerabilities

A Red Teaming service is an essential tool for understanding the full impact of a security breach. By identifying potential attack scenarios, the ways in which your defenses can be circumvented can be determined and the potential damage each scenario can cause to your data assets can be calculated. By mapping resources and processes, a well-executed Red Teaming can show the impact of one part of an attack on other parts and strengthen your organization's security defenses. 

Assess Your Incident Response Skills

A method for testing an organization's ability to respond to incidents, Red Teaming can measure the effectiveness of your incident response plans with potential attack scenarios, and evaluate how you react when a security incident occurs. A well-executed Red Team exercise can help you analyze your incident response capabilities by testing incident response processes to identify your organization's preparedness and areas for improvement.

Improve Security Controls

The Red Teaming Service provides an opportunity to identify potential attack scenarios and vulnerabilities, measure how effective security controls are, and improve them. Also, identifying these scenarios and vulnerabilities can help make more informed decisions on the organization's security budget. A well-executed Red Teaming effort is an important factor in determining security controls and the changes needed to create a stronger security program.

Our Red Teaming Tools


ThreatBlade is a comprehensive tool for customers to test and improve their cybersecurity defenses.

It offers a comprehensive red teaming service to test customers' cybersecurity defenses, identify vulnerabilities and improve them. This service performs a realistic attack simulation using vulnerability scans, penetration tests, social engineering and other techniques to test the security defenses of organizations.



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How can an organization test its cyber defense strategies against real-world scenarios?

A trusted and experienced Red Team team can test your organization against real-world scenarios. This team simulates modern tactics, techniques and procedures of real attackers, selecting targets similar to worst-case scenarios within the company. This attacker intelligence is created in line with real incident response measures and information about current cyber threats.

How long does it take to implement Red Team Service?

The implementation time of the Red Team Service depends on many factors. These factors include scope of application, size and structure of the target organization, complexity of defense mechanisms, physical locations, number of employees, type of infrastructure, etc. factors such as Therefore, the implementation time of the Red Team Service may vary, depending on the amount of work that needs to be completed and the size and complexity of the resources.

What is the difference between Penetration Testing and Red Team Service?

Penetration testing is cybersecurity testing that is performed at a scale and in which attack scenarios are applied to targets configured for a specific application, network or system. The Red Team service, on the other hand, is a comprehensive test designed to test all of the organization's cybersecurity defenses and simulate real attacks.

Can the Red Team service cause any damage or disruption?

It is possible for Red Team operations to be kept under control with good planning and communication and to be carried out successfully without causing any damage or disruption. For this reason, a test plan should be created in accordance with the risk tolerance levels of the customers and service should be provided to the customers by taking precautions against the possible consequences of the test. It is also important that customers prepare themselves correctly. Customers should take the necessary measures to minimize the disruptions that may occur in their business processes or services during the operation. Thus, Red Team operations can be a useful cybersecurity test for customers.

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