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SIEM Correlation &
Log Management Service

Improve your data logging, troubleshooting and combating security threats by predicting potential threats!

What is SIEM Correlation & Log Management Service?

The concept of SIEM is a system designed to provide administrators with a comprehensive view of all network activities. This system includes components such as log analysis, products and software, as well as log management processes where log data generated by the operating system is managed and archived.


While SIEM helps identify potential threats for organizations, log management can help detect threats more quickly. Therefore, log management tools provide a more robust view of historical data, and threat investigations become easier thanks to search capabilities.

SIEM Correlation & Log Management Service Scope

Protect your data and reduce the likelihood of security breaches by increasing visibility of threats and vulnerabilities!

Log collection and storage

SIEM Correlation & Log Management Service automates processes such as collecting and storing log data and makes it easier to find and use data important for security analysis. In this way, organizations can more easily access the data needed to detect security vulnerabilities and prevent threats.

Log analysis

SIEM Correlation & Log Management Service uses predefined rules and algorithms to analyze log data and identify correlated events. Thanks to these analyses, organizations can detect security threats, make faster decisions to fix problems, and take steps to prevent future threats.

Threat detection

This service analyzes daily data using predefined rules and algorithms. These rules and algorithms identify log data that meets a certain parameter for certain behaviors, actions, or events and help detect security threats.

Alarms and notifications

SIEM Correlation & Log Management Service detects suspicious or dangerous behavior or events using predetermined rules and algorithms and creates alarms and notifications accordingly. In this way, the IT security team can quickly respond to possible threats and prevent a serious security incident.

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Why InfinitumIT SIEM Correlation & Log Management Service?

Our SIEM Correlation & Log Management service will cover all aspects of incident response, providing you with a complete solution to protect your business from cyber attacks.

Professional Team

InfinitumIT offers a service managed by a team of experts in the field. This means that the implementation and management of the SIEM service will be carried out at the highest level thanks to the experience and expertise of an IT team.

Powerful Reporting

InfinitumIT's SIEM Correlation & Log Management Service offers a powerful reporting feature. This can help the organization better understand security threats and vulnerabilities and make the right decisions.

Fast and Effective Response

Thanks to its SIEM service, InfinitumIT can quickly identify threats and intervene effectively. This can help the organization prevent serious security incidents.

Updates and Maintenance

InfinitumIT constantly provides updates and maintenance to keep the SIEM service up to date. This ensures that the organization remains compliant with the latest security standards. It offers special solutions and always prioritizes customer satisfaction.

Who Can Get This Service?

Small and Medium Enterprises & SMEs

E-commerce Sites and Software Development Companies

Institutions and Organizations Subject to Law No. 5651

Companies Subject to Various Regulations (ISO 27001, HIPPA, PSI/DSS, etc.)

Why Should You Get SIEM Correlation & Log Management Service?

Detect Threats

SIEM Correlation & Log Management Service detects suspicious transactions and threats by analyzing log data in real time across all networks, systems and applications of the organization.

Monitor Data

Monitoring data is important to detect potential threats in advance and respond before a serious security incident occurs.

Do Your Data Analysis

SIEM Correlation & Log Management Service helps identify current threats and prevent future vulnerabilities by analyzing the organization's log data.

Receive Automated Threat Notifications

SIEM Correlation & Log Management automatically identifies suspicious activities and quickly notifies the IT security team, ensuring a quick response to threats.

Our SIEM Correlation & Log Management Tools

Threat Blade

It enables the detection of security threats by collecting, storing and analyzing daily data. Infalcon's SIEM service offers real-time threat detection and response using customized rules, algorithms and behavioral analysis. The service also offers reporting and data analysis, and organizations get a comprehensive view of their IT security.


ThreatMon is a tool that provides SIEM Correlation & Log Management Service. It offers customers a specifically designed feature to automatically collect, store and analyze their data. This feature can monitor data in real-time and send push notifications and alerts to its customers to detect potential threats. 


Crowdstrike enables businesses to collect, track and analyze daily data. It automatically detects security incidents and brings together threat intelligence and corporate data to respond quickly. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, IT security teams can visualize and analyze data to better understand threats and manage them more effectively.



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Is SIEM Different from Log Management?

Log Management solutions (LEM) allow organizations to track user activities by processing large data volumes. However, security solutions such as SIEM Correlation & Log Management Service offer log management as well as other capabilities required for cybersecurity. These capabilities include security alerts, threat detection, threat response, and security event correlation. Log Management alone is not enough to ensure the strongest cybersecurity posture, but it is important for many use cases, such as regulatory compliance

Is SIEM Only Suitable for a Large Organization?

SIEM has now become more accessible for small and medium-sized businesses. Previously, SIEM was a technology only available to large enterprises. However, as cyber security threats are rapidly increasing today, SMEs also need SIEM.

What are the benefits of using log management and SIEM together for organizations?

Organizations where log management and SIEM solutions are used together will be better prepared against cyber attacks. Both solutions provide valuable information that can be used to predict potential threats with a proactive approach. Therefore, organizations can maximize their cybersecurity by using log management and SIEM solutions together.

How are log management and SIEM related?

Log management and SIEM involve working with log data. Log management systems collect, store and analyze log data, while SIEM systems analyze log data by integrating it with network traffic data, system alerts and other security-related data. When both systems are used together, organizations can take a proactive approach to deal with potential threats and gain a comprehensive understanding of cybersecurity.

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