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What is SOME (Cyber Incident Response Team) Service?

At InfinitumIT, we understand the importance of protecting your business from cybersecurity threats. That's why we offer our Cyber Incident Response Team (SOME) service to help you manage and respond to incidents that may arise.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to detecting, analyzing and resolving cybersecurity incidents in a timely and effective manner. Our SOME services include incident response planning, threat intelligence, incident detection and analysis, incident prevention and remediation, and post incident investigation.

SOME (Cyber Incident Response Team) Service Scope

Our SOME service will cover all aspects of incident response and provide you with a complete solution to protect your business from cyber attacks.

Incident Response Planning

Our experts work with you to develop and test incident response plans tailored to your organization's specific needs and requirements.

Threat Intelligence

Our team helps you stay one step ahead of potential incidents by keeping you up-to-date on the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities.

Incident Detection and Analysis

Your networks and systems are monitored for cyber attacks and security breaches, and detailed analysis of incidents is provided.

Event Limitation

Our team works quickly to contain any incident and prevent further damage. It then offers remediation services to restore normal operations and secure your systems.

Post Incident Investigation

Our team conducts post-incident reviews to identify areas for improvement and ensure lessons learned are incorporated into your incident response plan.

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Why Should You Get Infinitum IT SOME (Cyber Incident Response Team) Service?

Our SOME service will cover all aspects of incident response and provide you with a complete solution to protect your business from cyber attacks.

Quick Response

Our team provides a 24/7 process to quickly detect and contain cybersecurity incidents that may occur. This ensures that your business operations are not interrupted and that your reputation and financial well-being are protected.


Our team consists of highly trained professionals with extensive experience in dealing with various types of cyber threats. It is equipped with knowledge of the latest tools and technologies to give you the best possible protection.

Comprehensive Investigation

Our team investigates the incident deeply, determines the cause and takes measures to prevent similar incidents in the future.


Our SOME service ensures that your business complies with relevant regulations and industry standards. It keeps up to date with the latest compliance requirements to provide you with the support you need to meet your regulatory obligations.

Who Can Get This Service?

Small Businesses

Small businesses face the same cybersecurity challenges as larger businesses, but often have limited resources to deal with them. Our SOME service helps small businesses gain access to expert cybersecurity resources and incident response capabilities to protect their assets and reputations.

Midsize Companies

Midsize companies often have more complex cybersecurity requirements and a greater risk profile, but may not be able to meet these challenges with internal resources. Our SOME service gives midsize companies a cost-effective solution to meet their cybersecurity needs, while giving confidence that their assets and reputations are protected.

Large Businesses

Large organizations face a significant risk of cyberattacks and are often required to comply with strict industry regulations and standards. Our SOME service provides large enterprises with a comprehensive solution that meets their complex cybersecurity needs while also ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions face unique cybersecurity challenges, including the need to protect sensitive financial information and comply with regulatory requirements. Our SOME service helps financial institutions protect their assets, reputations and customers by providing a solution that meets their specific cybersecurity needs.

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers are entrusted with sensitive personal data and face significant cyberattack risks. Our SOME service provides healthcare providers with a solution that meets their specific cybersecurity needs, helping them protect patient information and maintain their patients' information security.

Why Should You Get SOC Service?

Respond Quickly to Cyber Security Incidents

A SOME team is trained to respond quickly to any cybersecurity incident that may occur in your organization. It can detect and identify threats, contain them before they cause serious damage, and provide guidance on how to prevent similar incidents in the future.

Benefit from Expertise and Experience

A SOME team consists of highly trained cybersecurity professionals with extensive experience in dealing with cyber threats. It has the knowledge and skills needed to overcome the most complex and sophisticated attacks.

Have an Improved Cybersecurity Stance

By having a SOME service, you can improve your organization's overall cybersecurity posture. The team conducts regular assessments of your systems and infrastructure to identify vulnerabilities and suggest ways to strengthen your security measures.

Comply With Legal Regulations

Depending on your industry and the nature of your business, you may need to have a SOME service to comply with legal requirements. Having a SOME team ensures that you meet these requirements and avoid potential penalties.

Our SOME (Cyber Incident Response Team) Service Tools

Endpoint protection software: CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike stands out especially in the field of endpoint security. CrowdStrike Falcon platform detects and prevents cyber threats on your endpoint devices in real time.

Threat intelligence platforms: ThreatMon CTI

ThreatMon Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) is designed to help protect organizations against cyber threats by providing actionable intelligence on known and emerging cyber threats.



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What is the Cyber Incident Response Team (SOME)?

SOME is a team of experts specializing in managing and responding to cybersecurity incidents. The purpose of the team is to prevent, detect and respond to cyber threats and ensure business continuity.

What services does SOME offer?

SOME offers a comprehensive suite of incident response services including incident prioritization, containment, analysis, recovery and reporting. We also provide technical assistance to organizations during and after an incident.

How do you react to cyber incidents?

Our response process follows a standard methodology that includes incident prioritization, containment, analysis, recovery and reporting. Our incident response specialists work closely with clients to determine the extent and impact of an incident and provide a tailored response plan to minimize damage.

How quickly can the SOME respond to a cyber incident?

Our incident response team is at your service 24/7 and can respond to incidents within a few hours. Our goal is to contain the incident as quickly as possible and minimize the impact on the client's operations.

How do you ensure customer data security during an incident?

Customer data security is extremely important to us. During an incident, we enforce strict security protocols to ensure customer data stays safe. All customer data is processed in accordance with strict confidentiality and confidentiality agreements.

What kinds of events can SOME intervene?

Our team has the know-how to respond to a wide variety of cyber incidents, including data breaches, network intrusions, ransomware attacks, and more. We have extensive experience in managing and resolving a wide variety of cybersecurity incidents.

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