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Instagram Password Reset Attack and Bot Making

Instagram Password Reset Attack and Bot Making “Instagram hacking!”. What comes to everyone's mind when they hear this phrase is usually "How to take over an account?" or “How to view a locked profile without being followed?” Questions like these come up. This is an issue that Instagram employees are particularly concerned about.

AV software bypass techniques

Detection Methods Commonly Used by AV Softwares Checksum Based Detection: AV companies have databases that they use to identify known viruses more easily. Of course, since the data size of the hash signature of an average file will be much smaller than the file itself, it is easier to store them in the database.

What is MALWARE?

What is MALWARE? Malware (malicious software) is a set of applications that slow down the computer or mobile device, cause the computer to crash and steal information. It also makes your computer part of a botnet. Computers in the botnet network can be used for DDoS attacks. To states via your computer

What is Zero Trust?

Zero Trust or Zero Trust Architecture is a security approach based on not directly trusting anything inside or outside the organization. The motto of this approach is “never trust, always verify”. Zero Trust approach to connecting to a system