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Wireless Network (Wireless) Penetration Test

Wireless network penetration test; It is an authoritative attack attempt designed to detect vulnerabilities, misconfigured access points and weak security protocols using wireless technology and standards. With this attack attempt, it helps find vulnerabilities in your wireless network, close them, and find ways to prevent threats posed by cybercriminals.


Wireless networks are much easier for attackers to use than a standard wired network. Attackers often consider wireless networks to be ideal entry points into an organization's systems, and wireless network traffic can also be easily recorded. Thus, they can collect private information, logins, passwords, intranet server addresses, and valid network and station addresses. They can steal internet bandwidth, send spam, or use the network to attack others.


Wireless Network Test Coverage

  • Identifying Wi-Fi networks, including information leaks and signal leaks,
  • Identification of encryption weaknesses such as encryption processes, session hijacking on the wireless network,
  • Identifying opportunities to penetrate a network using wireless or hijacking WLAN access control measures,
  • Identifies content such as identifying and identifying legitimate users to access private networks and services.


What are the Wireless Network Pentest Stages?


1-) Scoping 

Cybersecurity experts meet with the in-house team to determine the products to be used for testing, the date and scope of testing.

2-) Discovery-Analysis

Our cybersecurity experts gather information to detect wireless network vulnerabilities and identify associated risk levels.

3-) Attack Attempts 

Experts exploit identified vulnerabilities and attempt to escalate privileges and traverse the network to identify all data and assets at risk.

4-) Reporting

At the end of each wireless penetration test, a report is produced with technical information about each vulnerability, an executive summary outlining the risks, and a priority list of recommended remedial actions to address these issues.

Frequently Asked Questions About Wireless Network Penetration Test

Why should I do a Wireless Network penetration test?

Regardless of how much or how little attention is paid to the setup of your wireless network, businesses need to proactively investigate security weaknesses to prevent unauthorized access to network resources and data leakage. Because if your applications on the Wireless Network cause any security weakness, attackers can damage your systems by exploiting this vulnerability. can give. However, if you have a Wireless Network Penetration Test, security experts can find security vulnerabilities in your systems before attackers and report them to you.

How often should I have the Wireless Network test done?

If there is a security vulnerability in your Wireless Network, attackers can exploit this vulnerability and hijack your systems. Therefore, it is recommended that your Wireless Network test be done regularly every 6 months.

What should I do after the Wireless Network test?

After the Wireless Network penetration test, the security experts who performed the test prepare a detailed report. In the content of this report, information about the services found in your systems, the vulnerabilities found and a solution proposal are presented following these issues. The institutions or companies that made the test should examine the test reports in detail and close the found weaknesses. to secure their systems.