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Proactive Preparedness and Strengthening to Protect Against Disruptive Attacks

A document for cybersecurity professionals, this e-book provides guidance on protecting against common techniques used by hackers for first-access, reconnaissance, privilege escalation, and mission targets, while providing comprehensive defense advice for each tactic. It also serves as a valuable resource for businesses to prepare for such cyber threats. 

What Will You Learn With The E-Book?

Identification, Numbering and Strengthening

Patch and strengthen detected vulnerabilities to proactively identify and verify exposed applications and services.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Configure exposed applications and services that allow single-factor authentication to support multi-factor authentication.

Domain Controller and Critical Asset Backups

Verify that backups for domain controllers and critical assets are available and protected from unauthorized access or modification.

IT and OT Segmentation

By enforcing IT and OT segmentation, block the ability of hackers to return to mission-critical OT assets using compromised accounts.

Virtualization Infrastructure Protections

Place these interfaces in isolated virtual local area networks (VLANs) to isolate and restrict access to management interfaces.

Endpoint Empowerment

Configure the Windows Firewall policy to restrict the scope of allowed communication between endpoints within an environment.

Proactive Preparedness and Strengthening to Protect Against Disruptive Attacks

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