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Network/System Health Scan

If you are undergoing compatibility testing or want to see where potential threats are in your system and get information about the security of your networks, Network/System Health Scan will provide you with a comprehensive service. A comprehensive and more focused health check option; It will solve your concerns about your server, database, system and network security.


What Does Network and System Health Scanning Provide?

Network/System Health Scanning, our service offers systematic measurement and comparison with best practices and vendor recommendations that provide error prevention. The work to identify any security risks is complicated by understanding what the system is being used for and who is using the system. It also does not create, delete or modify your data. Firewalls, VPNs, routers, switches, browsers and more receive extensive tuning to provide optimal protection.


Our trained experts will perform a health scan to detect and fix configuration weaknesses that affect how well your security assets are functioning and protected. After this stage, you will be able to understand the level of attention and awareness of staff, find vulnerabilities in your external environment and internal networks, and clearly identify areas that need improvement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Network/System Health Scanning

Why is Network/System Health Scan Performed?

Network Health Scan Recognizing UDP and TCP network services running on targeted hosts Identifying filtering systems between user and targeted hosts Identifying operating systems (OS) used by evaluating IP responses Sequence estimation Evaluating target host's TCP sequence number predictability to detect attack and TCP fraud made for purposes. System Health Scan Detecting vulnerabilities Evaluating the risk from any identified vulnerability Removing all identified vulnerabilities It is done for purposes such as reporting vulnerabilities and how they are handled.

What are the tools used in network health scanning?

Tools used in Network Health Scanning; Examples such as Acunetix Nessus OpenVas WireShark Nikto Angry Ip Scanner Advanced Ip Scanner Qualys FreeScan SoftPerfect Network Scanner Retina Network Security Scanner Nmap can be given.

What are the tools used in System Health Scanning?

Examples of tools used in System Health Scan are: NetSparker Nessus OpenVAS Acunetix Nmap Manage Engine Vulnerability Manager Plus Paessler PRTG Intruder.

What are Penetration Test Methods? - Pentest Methodologies

Penetration tests are basically grouped under 3 different methodologies. These methodologies are shaped according to the perspective of the attacker and the data he has: Black Box Pentest Methodology: Black Box Penetration Test is a pentest method in which the entire infiltration process is made from scratch by approaching the system like a real threat actor without having any knowledge of the target system. In this methodology, the attacker does not have any knowledge of the system and the black box penetration test reveals the best possible result in a possible attack. Gray Box Pentest Methodology: Gray Box Pentest is a type of pentest that can be considered as a partial black box, in which limited information about the target system is obtained and the penetration tester is given certain authorizations. White Box Pentest Methodology: White Box Pentest is a type of methodology in which sufficient information about corporate systems is presented to pentester by system administrators. White box pentest method is preferred because it gives faster results. Pentest methods are divided into 3 different branches as mentioned above. Blackbox methodology should be preferred in order to determine the possible effects of cyber events that may be encountered in real life scenarios in the most accurate way.