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Mail Gateway Security Test

Email systems, which are preferred in the field of communication in companies and public institutions, also bring many security vulnerabilities. Cyber attackers can pose a risk to your system by launching various email attacks to deliver malicious software to users, redirect users to malicious websites, and obtain user information by forcing them to log in.



Mailgateway Attack Types


It is a cyber security attack carried out by attackers to reveal confidential information about users or institutions. Phishing mails;


  • Impersonating an institution, organization or user with whom you are in contact,
  • Imitating an organization such as a competition or campaign,
  • Information may have been sent to users in different ways, such as trying to obtain users' identity information by stating that it needs to be updated.


If the questions asked in these e-mails are answered, the personal information of the users will be in the hands of the attackers.


Spam is a popular method for email fraud. Spams; While it contains malicious software that attracts users' attention such as advertisements, campaigns, and business opportunities, it wastes a lot of network bandwidth. Nowadays, it is a threat that should not be taken lightly, as it can lead to theft of emails, encryption, destruction of files and disclosure of company-related information.


Keylogger is a software program or hardware device that detects every key pressed by the user's keyboard, as well as an e-mail threat that captures passwords, personal messages, credit card numbers or anything typed by the user. Keylogger software typically stores your keystrokes in a small file; this is then accessed or automatically emailed to the person tracking your transactions. 


Ransomware is a type of malware that attackers often deliver to users via email, preventing users from accessing their systems or personal files and demanding they pay a ransom to regain access.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mail Gateway Security Testing

How often should I have the Mail Gateway Security Test done?

As technology improves and defensive measures increase, attackers are looking for new ways without wasting time. Attack methods continue to evolve with each passing day and are supported by new methods. With the Mail Gateway Security Test, which you will have 3 times a year, you can create the fastest awareness against the updated attack methods.

Why should I have Mail Gateway Security Tested?

The most fragile link in the security chain is the human factor. The reason for the success of many hacking attacks from the past to the present is that the employees of the institution or organization do not have sufficient security awareness. In order to increase the awareness of your institution or organization, having a Mail Gateway security test is one of the most necessary tests besides the technical protection you provide to your assets.

What is the scope of Mail Gateway Security Testing?

With the Mail Gateway Security Test; You will get a chance to protect against malicious URLs, protect against impersonation attacks, and protect against malware.