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FormBook Harmful

In this e-book, which is a document prepared for cyber security professionals, you can find all the details, from how to analyze Formbook, which steals credentials found in email and internet browser applications, to measures to be taken and solutions.

What Will You Learn With The E-Book?

Formbook's Goal

Able to target any random individual, Formbook is often distributed via spam emails or uploaded to injected websites.

Function of Formbook

Via the keylogger function, it displays everything the user writes on their computer, steals email and browser credentials, and takes screenshots.

Formbook Working Logic

Working by injecting it into a running process memory, Formbook runs as the targets of the injection, explorer.exe, and random regular files in the %WinDir%\System32 folder. 

Accessing Formbook

Prior actions, including packaging, concealment, and execution by a downloader, are performed to arrive at the FormBook, which is responsible for the actual spoofing behavior.

Formbook Technical Analysis

It details how to perform a technical analysis including Wise.dll analysis, Collins.dll analysis, behavioral analysis, Formbook malware analysis and C2 server examples. 

Formbook Distribution

Email campaigns, various virus infection mechanisms and PDFs, doc, RTF documents, exe, zip, rar etc. distributed using different file attachments.

FormBook Malware Analysis

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