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APT Attack Simulation

What is APT?

APT attacks are large-scale attacks using highly specialized malware designed to exfiltrate data or monitor network activity from large companies and governments. APT attacks work on the principle of gaining access to the network and remaining on the network undetected for a long time.


What is APT Attack Simulation?


APT attack simulation involves identifying security vulnerabilities in the organization by simulating a real attack scenario so that the organization is prepared against possible APT attacks. Reporting test results in detail with solution suggestions makes the institution safer against real cyber attacks.


APT Attack Simulation Methodology


Gain Access

-Access to the system is achieved through vulnerabilities using phishing emails or malware.

Establishing a Foothold

-After reaching the target, backdoor and tunnel networks are created using malware techniques such as rewriting code to increase access and avoid detection.

Increasing Reach

-In order to increase system control, access is increased by applying various methods, including password cracking methods, especially to administrative accounts.

Expanding Jurisdiction

-After gaining access, the lateral movement area in the company network is increased to gain access to other secure areas of the corporate network and servers.

Performing the Attack

-Data is centralized and transferred to the desired systems.

Stay in the System Until Detected

-A backdoor is created and data is collected from the system in order to access the system again if necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions About APT Attack Simulation

How often should I have the APT Attack Simulation?

In order to keep your organization's awareness alive and to improve your measures, it is recommended that the APT Attack Simulation Service be carried out in six-month periods.

Why should I have APT Attack Simulation?

The most dangerous players in the cyber world are the groups with financial or motivational support, namely APT groups, who patiently research their target and vulnerabilities. They can remain hidden for a long time by damaging the systems they can reach with attacks with highly specialized malware. It is very important to be able to analyze your behavior in the face of a possible APT attack.

What is the scope of APT Attack Simulation?

Checking the existing security mechanisms against APTs and detecting channels where data can be leaked are included in the scope of APT Attack Simulation.