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IT Law Consultancy

As Infinitum IT, our experienced legal team, with whom we have partnered as a solution partner in the field of technology and informatics, offers a comprehensive service in the field of informatics and technology, especially the loss of rights you have suffered within the scope of cyber bullying and online reputation management support. As a result of legal consultancy integrated with our technical team, results can be obtained efficiently and quickly.


Our IT Law Consultancy Services


• Cyber Security Law
• Online Reputation Management and Content Removal Service
• Computer Crimes Consultancy
• Personal Data Protection Law and Information Security Consultancy
• Information Technology Contract Services
• Data Breach Consultancy Services


Frequently Asked Questions About IT Law Consultancy

Why is IT Law Important?

Information technology presents new and complex ethical, legal and other issues that result in backlash from both good and bad use of information and communication technologies in society. Therefore, information technology law, like other laws, is critical to protect the rights of its users. This can be achieved through privacy, data protection, validity of online contracts, electronic provisioning, ensuring data integrity and authenticity, establishing intellectual property rights (IPRs), and building trust in open systems. In the virtual world of our age, people will need informatics law in order to feel safe and to use their rights knowingly within the legal framework.

What are the Categories of Cyber Crime According to Information Technology Law?

Crime against people: While these crimes occur online, they also affect the lives of real people. Examples of some of these crimes include cyber harassment and stalking, distribution of child pornography, various types of fraud, credit card fraud, human trafficking, identity theft, and online defamation or slander. Crime against property: Some online crimes are committed against property such as computers or servers. Examples of these crimes include DDOS attacks, hacking, virus transfer, cyber and typo url hijacking, computer attack, copyright infringement and IPR violations. Crime against government: When a cybercrime is committed against the government, it is considered an attack on that country's sovereignty and an act of war. Cybercrimes against the government include hacking, accessing confidential information, cyber warfare, cyber terrorism and pirated software.

What is the Place of Intellectual Property in Cyber Law?

An important part of cyber law is intellectual property. Intellectual property can include fields such as inventions, literature, music, and businesses. IP rights related to cyber law generally fall into the following categories: Copyright Patent Trade Secrets Domain Disputes Contracts Privacy Business Slander Data retention Jurisdiction