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On April 25, 1947, America’s first Civil Center Intelligence Director, Allen Dulles, presented a nine-page article to the senate, the so-called “the art of intelligence.”. He has made striking claims and determinations about the OSINT (Open Source Intelligence) model, which has received much attention from the security ecosystem in recent years. At the end of the day, Dulles stressed that 80% of the information they call “intelligence” is obtained from open sources.

After a while, Arthur S. Hulnick, a centuries-old veteran of the CIA, who taught at the University of Boston, said that up to 80% of America’s intelligence during the entire cold war was obtained as open source intelligence. Finally, in 2005, former Central Intelligence manager W.M. Nolte said that 95% to 98% of the entire US intelligence ecosystem is open source intelligence.

So, What is OSINT?

OSINT is a name given to intelligence obtained from sources that are fully accessible, accessible to everyone, leaving a lasting impact on the cyber security ecosystem and its customers. All intelligence that does not require any authorization for access, including media content such as newspapers, radio and television, website and social media content, and open databases in which all or some are stored, is called Open Source Intelligence.

Sony has been a victim of hacking cases at least twenty-four times since 2011. Years later, they realized one of the biggest and worst of these cases, namely that the malicious tools installed by the attacker were still working within the system. In this process, huge amounts of data were revealed on the internet and some of the financially valuable ones were sold on the dark web.

Today, it is an undeniable fact that information security is more important than ever. Security products, tests and employees are selected and passed through a thousand sieves to prevent any “hacking” cases are integrated into the person / organization ecosystems. But there is one very important point that has escaped attention; How will you be informed if you have already been the victim of a hacking event and your data is circulating on the Internet? What is the fastest and most accurate action to take in such a situation?

Your organization’s mail accounts and password information, your employees’ mail / social media accounts and password information, your organization’s inventory and access information, intelligence that can facilitate the work of any attacker, and important information that your competitors can use for the purpose of financial espionage, such as key intelligence can be accessed invisible parts of the Internet. Can you be sure it is not?

Deep Field Control with 3W Analysis Service Model

3W Analysis: Normal Web, Deep Web, Dark Web

Using the 3W Analysis service model, our experts search detailed information on the web, deep and dark web which can be easily accessed via search engines, and trace the important information of your organization. It will be a privilege for your organization to be aware of any infiltrated or leaked data about your organization that will be attached to our network with our scouts placed at the important endpoints of the Dark Web. By reporting intelligence that can be used in any harmful activity against your organization, we provide you with the resources to make your guard more robust. In addition to the ongoing defensive measures, you will be aware of the weak points that you may have overlooked with the deep web / dark web dominance.

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Frequently Asked Questions About 3W Analysis Service

Why Should I Have 3W Analysis?2020-03-13T09:31:15+03:00

Although defensive security products are improving day by day, the number of hacking cases does not decrease at the same rate. Therefore, you should realize that the spotter applications you host on your system may not be sufficient and you should extend your domain control before it is too late. The detailed research and analysis of the information that the institutions / organizations possess and which will pose a danger in case of leakage has an important place among the current and visionary approaches of cyber security.

What is the Scope of 3W Analysis?2020-03-13T09:31:05+03:00

The 3W title covers three main environments: Deep Web, Dark Web and Clear Web. Using our experience in cyber intelligence, we conduct research on every important point on the web.

How Often Should I Have the 3W Analysis Service?2020-03-13T09:30:52+03:00

We agree that malicious hackers, termed black hats, do not have periodic or systematic attack schemes. Based on our research and information, we recommend that you get 3W analysis service once a year.

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