Since the discovery of computer networks and the common use of IT resources, cyber threats have become a common problem for all organizations. The most important reason for IT managers to feel uncomfortable and always worried about cyber threats is not to measure cyber risks.

Why is Risk Measurement Important?

Looking at all the major cyber attacks of the last 10 years, all of them can be prevented by running the right IT processes.

Unfortunately, they cannot identify the risks they have unless they have the opportunity to accurately measure their existing risks. It is an undeniable fact that information security is more important than ever. Security products, tests and employees are selected and passed through a thousand screens before being integrated into the individual or corporate ecosystems to prevent any incidents of hacking.

Don’t you want to constantly monitor how much these products and processes protect you and whether you still have a serious risk?

Your organization’s mail accounts and password information, your employees’ mail / social media accounts and password information, your organization’s inventory and access information, intelligence that can facilitate the work of any attacker, and important information that your competitors can use for the purpose of financial espionage, such as key intelligence can be accessed invisible parts of the Internet. Can you be sure it is not?

IT Risk Control With 3M Risk Analysis Service Model

The Measure phase aims to accurately measure the organization’s existing IT risks, and to explain it to corporate executives in a report format that everyone can easily understand. The aim is to show the current situation and the strengths and weaknesses of the institution, far from technical details. However, after an accurate measurement, missing areas can be improved and continuity can be achieved.

The Make Better phase represents the steps taken to improve the current state of the photograph. At this stage, the weak points of the relevant institution are guided in terms of how to overcome these weaknesses with the tools used in the whole process. An agreement is reached with the management of the organization to help the related corporate employees reach the targeted level of risk awareness.

The Monitor phase can be defined as ensuring the sustainability of the enterprise management at the risk level targeted and achieving sustainable processes and infrastructure. At this stage, the company is given a risk score every 3 months and the reasons for the changes, if any, are determined and the steps to be followed are reported.

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