Blockchain/Crypto Technology

Blockchain / Crypto technology, which is one of the most important technologies of recent times, continues to increase its usage area rapidly. Blockchain Technology, which has been on the agenda of many institutions, companies or individuals with its revolutionary entry into the financial system, has been the biggest factor in the introduction of digital money into our lives. Blockchain technology is a distributed database that provides encrypted tracking. It is a technology that allows the production, storage, transfer of Bitcoin and all crypto currencies and that they are not controlled by a central authority.

Although the first generation of digital coins in Blockchain technology is defined as second generation smart contracts, it is already predicted that it will dominate many different areas in the future. With our service, the most appropriate block chain security usage cases are determined for your systems, your Blockchain system is proactively protected and solutions are developed to respond to threats that may come to your system immediately.

Kripto/Blockchain Güvenliği

With our service we offer to our customers; Validation of the Blockchain passbook, system access and identification, audit and reporting, event response, emergency planning.

With the Crypto / Blockchain Security service, you can secure your system with security tests that detect weak encryption and logic flaws, and get an idea of how to fix vulnerabilities and improve the overall security of your system.

Our Crypto / Blockchain Security Solution Process:

  • Safe Block Chain System Design
  • Blockchain System Penetration Test
  • Blockchain Application Static / Dynamic Test
  • Secure Smart Contract Development
  • Smart Contract Control
  • Web Application Security
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