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Web Application Penetration Testing

Web application penetration testing is the process of using infiltration testing techniques in a web application to detect vulnerabilities. The test runs using manual or automatic penetration tests to identify any vulnerability, security error, or threat in the web application. The database, servers, and services) will then display the attacks and the environment from an attacker’s perspective.

Purpose of Web Application Pentest

It attempts to prevent and mitigate identified vulnerabilities and threats. Web servers and web services are also included in the process and security tests are carried out by our team of experts.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Web Application Penetration Test

Why Should I Have Web Application Penetration Test?2020-03-14T23:45:44+03:00

Due to the large amount of data stored in web applications and the increase in the number of transactions on the web, the Security Testing of Web Applications is very important day by day. If your applications on the web cause any security vulnerability, attackers can exploit this vulnerability to damage your systems. However, within the Web Application Penetration Testing, security experts can detect security weaknesses in your systems before the attackers and report them to you.

How Often Should I Have Web Application Penetration Test?2020-03-14T23:45:30+03:00

Web application infiltration tests are performed on a classification. Because, the importance of tests varies according to the systems. For example, it is recommended that a company or organization that has critical attack potential should have their tests tested once a week. Those with moderate likelihood of attack should take the test once every 6 months and those who are normal should take it once a year.

What Should I Do After the Web Application Penetration Test?2020-03-14T23:45:16+03:00

After the Web Application Penetration test, security experts who prepare the test will prepare a detailed report. Institutions or companies that have taken the test should examine the test reports in detail and close the vulnerabilities and secure their systems.

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