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Mobile Application Penetration Testing

Mobile application penetration testing is a critical tool for the enterprise. It is involved in simulating possible attack scenarios, monitoring how data storage, in-app communication, cryptographic API usage, platform interaction, security configurations, source code and secure network communication are affected by the process of the simulated attacks and preventing identified security vulnerabilities. Mobile applications contain consumer sensitive data, making mobile application infiltration tests critical for organizations.

A large-scale mobile application attack can authorize an attacker to view database items, view documents, disclose company-related technical information, such as technologies used, bypass application restrictions, discontinue service, redirect users to unwanted websites, and block web pages.

Mobil Uygulama Sızma Testi

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Methodology


It is the stage where necessary information about the institution is collected before the test in order to perform the mobile application tests successfully.

Vulnerability Evaluation and Analysis

This is the stage where potential points of entry and weaknesses of the system are evaluated and analyzed in accordance with the information obtained during the discovery phase.


This is the stage where the security vulnerabilities identified during the testing phase are utilized.


It is the stage in which the identified vulnerabilities and the solutions proposed to these vulnerabilities are reported in detail.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing Components

  • Threat modeling
  • Reverse engineering
  • Binary Security Analysis
  • Code editing attacks
  • Abuse of authorization and authentication-based vulnerabilities
  • PII data security analysis
  • Retest
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Frequently Asked Questions About Mobile Application Penetration Test

Why Should Have Mobile Application Penetration Test?2020-03-14T12:05:50+03:00

Nowadays, mobile applications are increasingly used in all areas, making them increasingly interesting for malicious attackers. Therefore, mobile applications need to have a strong security, just like websites. Because if your applications on the mobile application cause any security vulnerability, attackers can exploit this vulnerability and damage your systems. However, within your Mobile Application Penetration Testing, security experts can find security weaknesses in your systems before the attackers and report them to you.

How Often Should I Have Mobile Application Penetration Test?2020-03-14T12:05:38+03:00

Testing mobile applications is usually done after updates. Because the developers have made a change or correction on the application. Therefore, there is a high probability of security weakness in practice. In addition, it is recommended that the Mobile application infiltration test is performed regularly every 6 months.

What Should I Do After Mobile Application Penetration Test?2020-03-14T12:05:26+03:00

After the Mobile Application penetration test, the security experts performing the test prepare a detailed report. In the content of this report, information about the services available in your systems, weaknesses found and the solution suggestion following these issues are presented.

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