What is SOC (Security Operations Center)?

SOC, Security Operations Center; is a team of cyber security experts, including the detection, monitoring, analysis of an organization’s cyber security incidents and the continuous improvement of the organization’s cyber security situation. In this process, team members take part in ensuring cyber security of the organization by using various technological solution combinations.

The security operations center is a command center where the relevant security information of the organization such as network, servers, website, database and application is received and associated from the information technology infrastructure and SIEM (Security Information and Event Management). The SOC team associates threat management with other systems through integration and automation, reducing the burden of monitoring, reporting, data sharing, and ensuring security operation consistency.

Güvenlik Operasyon Merkezi

Functions of Security Operations Center

  • Asset Discovery and Management

Includes checking whether all the tools, technologies, software and hardware of the organization are up-to-date and operational and gaining awareness about these tools.

  • Continuous Behavior Monitoring

Involves taking proactive and reactive measures in case of any threat by detecting all systems continuously.

  • Keeping Activity Records

Involves recording all activities of the organization by SOC and identifying employee actions that may result in any security vulnerability.

  • Alert Severity Rating

Includes identifying the priority of handling of identified threats and the possible damages.

  • Defense Development

Involves creating an incident response plan for any attack scenario.

  • Event Recovery

Preventing data breaches and recovering endangered data.

  • Compliance Maintenance

Includes checking that all actions performed by the security operations center comply with the standards of compliance with the law.

Benefits of Security Operations Center

  • Central Information

Having the entire SOC team access to the same information provides an overview of potential security vulnerabilities, providing enough hardware to identify and prevent threats.

  • Threat Reports

Reporting from a single center enables threat identification and response time to be reduced.

  • Prevention of Threats and Attacks

Provides a proactive approach to detect potential security breaches and take action.

  • Analysis and Monitoring

Provides maintenance and in-depth analysis of the company’s security systems to identify and prevent potential gaps.

  • Defense Against Cyber ​​Attacks

Takes part in defense in any cyber attack and post-attack reporting also identifies other possible vulnerabilities.

  • Implementing Improvements

Provides the collection of all the information obtained and the solution to the problems identified.

As a result, the Security Operations Center is involved in ensuring cyber security of the organization by monitoring, analyzing cyber events and developing solutions to security vulnerabilities.

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