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IT Law Consultancy

Infinitum IT provides a comprehensive service in the field of information and technology, including the loss of rights and online reputation management support, which you have experienced in the context of cyber bullying, with our experienced legal team that we have made a solution partnership in the field of technology and informatics. As a result of the legal consultancy integrated with our technical team, results can be obtained quickly and efficiently. Our solution partners provide the following services within the scope of information and technology:

IT Law Services by Provided InfinitumIT

• Cyber Security Law
• Online Reputation Management and Content Removal Service
• IT Criminal Counseling
• General Data Protection Regulation and Information Security Consultancy
• Information and Technology Contract Services
• Data Violation Consultancy Services

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Frequently Asked Questions About IT Law Consultancy

Why is IT Law Important?2020-03-07T14:51:35+03:00

Information technology presents new and complex ethical, legal and other problems in society that result in reactions from both good and bad use of information and communication technologies. Therefore, information technology law, like other laws, is critical to protecting the rights of its users. This can be achieved through privacy, data protection, validity of online contracts, electronic procurement, data integrity and authenticity, identification of intellectual property rights (IPRs) and trust in open systems.

In the virtual world of our age, people will need information law in order to feel safe and to use their rights within the legal framework.

What are Cyber Crime Categories According to IT Law?2020-03-07T14:51:22+03:00

Crime against people: These crimes occur online and affect the lives of real people. Some of these crimes include cyber harassment and surveillance, the distribution of child pornography, various forms of fraud, credit card fraud, human trafficking, identity theft and online smear or slander.

Offense against property: Some online offenses are committed against properties such as computers or servers. Examples of these crimes include DDOS attacks, hacking, virus transfer, cyber and spelling url hijacking, computer attacks, copyright infringement, and IPR infringements.

Crime against government: When a cyber crime is committed against the government, it is considered an attack on the sovereignty of the country and an act of war. Cybercrime against the government includes hacking, access to confidential information, cyber warfare, cyber terrorism, and pirated software.

What is the Place of Intellectual Property in IT Law?2020-03-07T14:50:50+03:00

An important part of cyber law is intellectual property. Intellectual property may include fields such as inventions, literature, music and businesses. IP rights related to cyber laws are generally divided into the following categories:

  • Copyright
  • Patent
  • Trade Secrets
  • Domain Disputes
  • Contracts
  • Privacy
  • Business
  • Defamation
  • Data storage
  • Judgment
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