Incident Handling & Event Response

Your organization has received a potential security breach notification and you need to respond quickly, effectively and efficiently at this stage. A security breach or attack notification can be a nightmare for your organization, especially when an Incident Handling & Event Response plan is not implemented. These incidents vary, including unauthorized access to data or systems, malware operation, disruption or prevention of service attacks, and unauthorized use of systems to process data. Classifying or preventing the use of personal data.

At this stage, events are examined and some questions arise; Have you detected any abnormal or suspicious activity on your network? Are you experiencing a ransomware attack? Do you detect compromise indicators? Do you suspect that you have been informed of a violation? Our team will be with you at any time with the solutions to be applied according to the answers of your questions.

Ağ/Sistem Sağlık Taraması

Fast Response

Our team responds promptly to advanced attacks against complex and corporate networks and immediately begins to mitigate the damage by supporting you immediately. The Incident Handling & Event Response service provides a unique experience addressing enterprise security incidents to prevent all incidents, from single-system concessions to advanced intrusion groups, to enterprise-wide intrusion. Limits damage and provides effective management that reduces recovery time and costs. Thus, our service quickly eliminates threats.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Incident Handling & Event Response