What Does Infinitum IT Do?

Beyond conventional cyber security services, InfinitumIT brings new and quality solutions focused on the ideas and needs of our customers and brings the security level of your company to world standards. We produce solutions based on customer satisfaction by targeting excellence with our expert staff who have the experience to provide the services that our customers may need in cyber security and information security fields. Working with the motto “Safety is not a product, it is a process.”; we offer a new understanding of security that we will stand by our customers not only during the work but also after the work.

Information Security Services

In order to provide the best service to our customers, we believe that a detailed and accurate analysis is essential before proceeding with the implementation phase, because we know that the quality of the analysis phase directly affects the quality of the finalization phase. Beyond the known methods of analysis; Using our 3W service, we offer the privilege of being aware of any leaked data about our customers through our scouts that we place at the important endpoints of the Dark Web.

Penetration Tests

We re-offer the security status of your systems from the perspective of Red Team.

Consulting Services

We improve the performance of your systems and operations in software and hardware configurations, security and legal scope.


We provide solutions to our customers with our expert team in performing the necessary analyzes and data recovery stages in the judicial incidents you have experienced.

Technology Security

We offer solutions for the security needs of software and hardware technological personnel in your organization.


In line with the needs of our customers and the analysis of our team; In addition to penetration testing, consultancy services and security services, we bring a new dimension to security understanding with our 3W, 3S and 3M solutions.

We are here to help you

Focus on your business, let us ensure your system security.